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A Reverie® bed is more than just a mattress. It’s an entire system, customized to your specific needs for comfort. Drawing on the best ideas in design and technology (both outside our industry and within), we came up with a bed that is unlike any other. Major components include our patented DreamCell® foam spring mattress, with firmness that can be adjusted to fit the differing needs of both people who share it. And underneath that mattress is an adjustable power base that moves to support various positions for sleeping, reading, sore backs, alleviating snoring and more. Ready for all the details on how you can start sleeping your best?

Anatomy of a Sleep System

*Features vary by model

  1. DreamCell® Mattress.
    Support system uses patented 6” DreamCell foam springs which allow for +dual firmness. Firmness level can be readjusted by rearranging foam springs. No motion transfer. *
  2. Reverie Adjustable Power Base.
    Adjusts to an infinite number of positions with support for your neck, knees and back. Anti-Snore, Zero Gravity, massage and more.*
  3. Comfort layer.
    We offer two very different feels. A velvety memory foam hybrid with a layer of breathable latex floating on top. Or choose plush all-natural latex.
  4. Breathable mattress cover.
    Finished with Feran Ice® to wick away moisture. Cover can be unzipped to rearrange foam springs and also removed for cleaning.*
  5. Our split adjustable bases.

Our patented DreamCell® foam spring mattress. We thought of everything.

Our strong belief is that comfort is never one-size-fits-all. Great sleep starts with a mattress that fits your unique body. In order to give you that kind of comfort, we totally reinvented the mattress. Our revolutionary DreamCell design uses individual foam springs in densities from extra soft to firm to bring your spine into alignment.

Differences you can sleep on:
Micro-targeted support. In our Dream Supreme™ mattresses, there are over 100 foam springs in different densities, allowing custom firmness according to your body type in increments of four inches.

Changeable firmness. Your mattress is built to meet your current needs. But life is unpredictable. So we’ve constructed our mattress with changeable firmness.* Become pregnant or hurt your back? Simply unzip the mattress and change the firmness by rearranging the foam springs.

Choice of mattress feel. Velvety memory foam/latex hybrid. Or light, all-natural latex.

What are these fun little things? These cells are the support system in our mattress. And they’re the key to everything. Four different firmness levels, each a different color. Over 100 of them inside the mattress. All the cells you need to achieve any firmness level you want. And each one is movable.* We arrange these little DreamCell® foam springs into scientifically developed patterns to achieve the perfect firmness level, person by person.

What else is worth knowing?

Increased airflow. Our foam springs are designed with little holes in the middle for better circulation. Air moves through and around them to help keep you cool.

Temperature control. Our mattress covers are finished with Feran Ice® technology for improved moisture wicking. And our Dream Supreme™ II comfort layer is graphite infused to whisk away heat and add a plush feel.

Limited or no motion transfer. With our individual spring design, your partner can get out of bed or roll over without your feeling it much or at all.

Cashmere quilting. For luxurious, natural comfort. Conforms better to a power base. Our mattresses are not stiff like spring and coil mattresses, nor are they a solid piece of foam. The individual springs flex and conform to all movements of our power bases.

Quality, hypoallergenic materials. The natural latex springs and comfort layer in our Dream Supreme line are OEKO-TEX certified. Our memory foam and RevTek™ foam are CertiPUR-US® certified.

Durability. Our mattresses exceed the industry’s Intertek durability standard.

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